Cavalier Turbo Owner and
 Buyer Guides


There is no doubt that a forced induction car (turbo or supercharged) will require a lot more care and attention than a normally aspirated one.

For those still to looking for the perfect Cavalier Turbo, you can do no better than look at:

 Vauxhall Cavalier Turbo Buyers Guide by AndyK


Or, for those lucky people that have one of these cars and want some information on the best way to look after your Cavalier Turbo, particularly the turbo, transfer box and drive train then take a look here:

Vauxhall Cavalier Turbo Owners Guide by Richie

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Another good source of information on a whole host of things can be found on Andy Kirwan's How 2 pages all of which, amongst others, can be found at the CavWeb How 2 forums here:

CavWeb How 2 Forums



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