Current Spec

2.0 16v Turbo - C20LET, COSCAST spec
Jetex panel filter
Turbo Technics S144 Hybrid Turbo
Bailey Motorsport dump valve - DV26 twin piston EVO model
Samco boost and water hose kit (blue)
Custom Front Mounted Intercooler


Getrag F28 6 speed gearbox
GM's viscous coupled 4 Wheel Drive System
Wallace Performance Turbo Clutch
(rated to 330BHP)

Courtenay Sport Turbo Springs - lowered 40mm
Standard GM shock absorbers

Front - EBC TurboGroove discs, standard GM calipers and pads

Rear - GM Vectra rear caliper, EBC Group N Grooved discs, standard GM pads























17" BK 175 17.5x17 with 39mm offset 

Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D2, 205*40/17
Space Saver spare wheel

Pearlesceant Polar Sea Blue paintwork
JewelUltra DiamondBrite protection
Beesting Aerial
Renault Laguna splitter
'99 style chrome 4x4 badges
Vauxhall Mudflaps
Intercooler area Meshed

Standard turbo spec including - 
Full leather trim with heated front seats
Electric windows, mirrors and sunroof
Trip Computer

Standard GM CD player - CDR300
Standard GM speakers all round

CAT 1 (that's all you need to know)
4 friggin great German Shepherd dogs - jus in case you feel like being nosey ;)


(taken from the rolling road at Star Performance)

0-60 in 6.5 secs (book figures - never timed it)
Top Speed - 155 MPH (recorded by previous owner)


Rolling Road report from Star Performance -

This was done while my car was standard, with the exception of a custom intercooler, on the 25th November 2001. 


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