Links to Other Sites

MIG Performance Vauxhalls Homepage.
(has an excellent bulletin board for all questions Vauxhall)

CavWeb Homepage for all things Cavalier
(contains good info on the Cavalier along with an excellent bulletin board)

A site dedicated to the MK3 Astra by Dave Dempsey













The MK2 Astra covered by Rob Smith


Want to find out How2 do anything on your Cavalier ??
Find out from someone that knows these cars inside out


Looking for somewhere to get the best deals in car modifications ?? 
Look no further than Wallace Performance.


The Vectra-Sport webpage for all your Vauxhall Vectra needs

Homepage of the VPCC Scottish Region

Site dedicated to the Vauxhall 2.0 16v Turbo engine
(still under construction)


For Information on the removal, stripping and rebuilding 
of the Vauxhall Transfer Box


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