Pictures of My Car

What would a a car site be without pics of the car its about eh ?? So here are some pics of my own Cav Turbo. Its a 1994 "M"  registered car has covered 53,000 miles as of June 12th 2002 and has been mine since Jan 26th 2001.

Apart from a Bailey dump valve and replacement panel filter, the engine was completely standard. Have a quick look at the Current Spec and Updates pages of my site for modifications done so far

More info can be found here

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Yep, I know the engine bay needs a clean. SAMCO hoses, polished lifters and a stainless steel heatshield are on the way


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The following pictures were all taken by other people while the car was at STAR Performance in Glenrothes for the VPCC Rolling Road day, so my thank to those keen photographers for sending them on to me :)

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(click picture for Rolling Road results)

(full details of the services available at Star Performance can be found HERE )



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