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F28 Gear Linkage Overhaul, by Kevin Hodges

If you are struggling to find gears in your F28 and have tried aligning the linkage there's every chance that one of the bushes in the gear linkage has broken. As buying a full unit will set you back 112.00 plus VAT here's a guide to overhauling your original linkage.

Small Philips Screw Driver
4.5mm Drill Bit
3/8" Drive Ratchet
Lots of 3/8" Extension Bars (minimum 1m)
13mm Socket
Circlip Pliers

2x 90442265 Ball Pan
2x 90470871 Seal Ring
2x 90334891 Damper Ring
2x 90425648 Bushing
1x 90250156 Rod Gear Shift

Total cost including VAT 30.19.

With the 3/8" ratchet and extension bars/13mm socket reach down the back of the engine to the gear linkage and undo the 13mm bolt that holds the linkage clamp onto the gear lever shaft. Slacken the bolt but do not remove it. Get into the car and move the gear lever forwards and backwards until the action goes lose. Go back under the bonnet and remove the gear linkage pin from the selector on the gearbox.

The gear linkage will be lose now but it still is held in with a centre pin that you will have to remove. Carefully pull the side of the clips up and turn the pin, it should then come straight out. The gear linkage will be free now but if you have the metal bracket that holds the 2 water pipes it will be in the way, gently bend them towards the gear box. The linkage will now come out through the top.

Place on the bench and remember how it all goes together (i took a picture to help).

Broken bush.

New parts.

As below you will need the circlip pliers to remove the two that hold the linkage together.

Two new centre bushes with seals.

Make sure you grease all the moving parts.

Fully built with all the new bushes and clips the linkage is ready to be fitted to the Cavalier. Refit the centre pin first, slide the left hand side onto the gear lever shaft then fit the other end onto the gear selector shaft. Finally fit the gear selector pin.

To correctly align the linkage correctly follow the guide here.