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F28 Gear Linkage Alignment, by Mike Hayward

Is your F28 sometimes difficult or crunchy to get in gear? Chances are over the years the linkage and gearbox has worn leaving the linkage out of adjustment, below is step by step guide to reset your own linkage leaving you with a nice crisp gear change once again.

Two 5mm drill bits or pins
Nice long 1/2" or 3/8" extension
13mm socket and ratchet to fit extension
Spray or White grease

Lift off the gear gaiter and you will see a hole in the white base and one on the gear stick.

Line the holes and pop a drill bit in.

Now got to the engine bay at the back above the TX box you will see the gear linkage, on the linkage is a 13mm head bolt (pinch bolt) loosen this bolt (this is where the long extension comes into its own!), the linkage should be now free to turn etc.

Now on the gearbox next to were the linkage goes in is a small plastic plug.

Remove the plug and grab the other drill bit.

You will need both hands now, slide the other 5mm drill bit into the hole where the plug was. Now keeping a moderate pressure on the drill bit (be careful as drill bits are sharp - use gloves if possible) rotate the linkage until you feel the drill bit drop in further.

Release any pressure and now tighten the pinch bolt we loosened earlier. Remove drill bits and replace covers and plugs, it good practice to apply some spray white grease to the lever mechanism under the gaiter and to also check the white cradle is nice and secure to the chassis.

I have done this to each Vauxhall i have owned and when coupled with a transmission fluid change always felt like new.