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Door Hinge Pin Swap/ Lock Alignment, by Mike Hayward

Does your Cavalier turbo have very loose door handles? I.e. a lot of slack before the door is actually opened? Does the door drop slightly when opened enough to feel but not see? Does your car have this annoying yet hard to find rattle in the door? If it does then your door pins are worn and locks are out of adjustment.

90518425 - Door Hinge Pin
Door Pin Removal Tool/Kit

Having got my car back from the repair shop the passenger doors now shut and open like new so i decided to replace the pins on the drivers side myself. I bought a door pin tool only about 8 or so, i bought 4 new pins from Autovaux costing about 80p each and last night i set about changing them.

Remove the black plastic caps from the door pins, i found to disconnect the door wiring helped with giving some extra room (turn outer plastic black part anti - clockwise and pull fitting is reverse).

It is a far easier job to have an assistant to support the door (or have it chocked) whilst removing the pins and to help align the holes to fit the new pins.

With the door chocked remove the upper door pin now these can be stubborn but a good hit will usually get it moving.

Once you have drifted the old pin out cover the new one in some copper grease and begin to fit the new pin in place, make sure the holes are all aligned and hit it through until its flush at the other side.

Carry out the same for the lower door pin ensuring plenty of copper grease.Now refit the plastic caps over the new pins. Stand back for a moment and admire the tight door hinge back holding the door open and gently lift the door, notice no movement!

Now using a male Torx socket size T40, just slacken the 2 bolts that hold the door lock catch, this is located on the door pillar. Now taking note of its original position just move it toward the interior about 3mm then tighten the bolts up.

Now try closing the door, it should close with a firm push, if not and needs more like a slam the catch needs to be moved closer to the door. As before this time pull it toward to the door about 1mm then try it again. If the door however will close with a mere push or closes with no effort the catch needs to be moved further towards the interior adjust again and test.

The door should close firmly and when you open it it should be like new with no slack in the handle. Once finished ensure bolts are all nice and tight and enjoy that like new feel!