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F28 Gearbox Oil Change, by Kevin Hodges

The F28 getrag 6-speed gearbox found in Cavalier Turbo's is a relatively tough unit. However it needs maintenance in order to prevent wear and eventual failure. The oil should be changed every 20,000 miles.

9120541 - Gearbox Oil

The gearbox oil is supplied in 1 litre bottles, the box will hold 2.5 litres so three bottles are required.

Gearbox oil is best drained when warm so take the car for a good run, then jack it up on the front crossmember and support with axle stands. The drain plug is normally an 8 mm allen key which is place on the near side wheel arch.

Drain the oil into a suitable container ensuring the car is level to make sure no oil is left in the gearbox.

Replace with Vauxhall's recommended oil and fill until it runs out of the level hole (pictured with the plug in situ below).

The filler is the breather hole on the top of the gear box. Remove the breather fitting with a 10mm spark plug key. It is best filled by a tall funnel reaching down into the engine bay.