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Engine Oil Change, by Carl Davey

It doesn't cost much and is worthwhile spending a couple of hours doing every few thousand miles, especially if you have a modified C20LET. You'll need around 5 litres of oil and a replacement filter. I chose to buy the parts from Vauxhall and used their 10W/40 Semi-Synthetic oil.

91132249 - Oil
93156954 - Filter
11023582 - Sump Plug Washer

With the engine warm jack the car up and support on axle stands. Slacken the sump plug with a 19mm socket/spanner. Once loose place a suitable container beneath the car and continue to unscrew the plug.

Be aware that the head of oil within the sump causes the oil that is leaving to carry a small trajectory. Meaning it isn't going to just dribble out so place the container accordingly.

Within a few minutes most of the oil will have drained. Remove the old sump plug seal from the plug and ensuring everything is clean fit the new seal. Refit the sump plug.

Move the container to a location beneath the oil filter. Using an appropriate tool such as the one pictured loosen the oil filter.

Finish slackening it off by hand and pour the contents into the container. You may need some kitchen roll or rags to mop up the remainder.

Rub a smear of oil onto the rubber seal of the new oil filter and screw it on hand tight.

Double check the sump plug is nipped up nicely and put the car back on the ground. Remove the oil filler cap and pour around 3.5 litres of fresh oil into the engine. Allow the oil time to drain in to the sump before checking the level on the dipstick. Keep topping up as necessary until the level indicates just below the 'Maxmimum' mark. Refit oil filler cap.

You may wish to run the engine for a short period of time before draining the oil again and refilling with fresh oil to complete a thorough flush of the system.