CTOR - The Cavalier Turbo Owners Register

Technical Guides

Seeing as there was never a specific Cavalier Turbo workshop manual officially brought into the UK we have decided to produce a series of technical articles relating to tasks relevant to the C20LET Cavalier. These have been written by myself and other members of the CTOR and i hope that in time they will form a valuable resource for all those looking to embark on some DIY Cav Turbo maintenance.

F28 Gear Linkage Overhaul, by Kevin Hodges

If you are struggling to find gears in your F28 and have tried aligning the linkage there's every chance that one of the bushes in the gear linkage has broken... [more]

Door Hinge Pin Swap/ Lock Alignment, by Mike Hayward

Does your Cavalier turbo have very loose door handles? I.e. a lot of slack before the door is actually opened? Does the door drop slightly when opened e... [more]

F28 Gearbox Oil Change, by Kevin Hodges

The F28 getrag 6-speed gearbox found in Cavalier Turbo's is a relatively tough unit. However it needs maintenance in order to prevent wear and eventual fail... [more]

F28 Gear Linkage Alignment, by Mike Hayward

Is your F28 sometimes difficult or crunchy to get in gear? Chances are over the years the linkage and gearbox has worn leaving the linkage out of adjustment... [more]

Front Disc & Pad Swap, by Carl Davey

The chances are every one will have to change the pads and/or discs at some point during the life of their Cav and in this day and age there is no reason ... [more]

Engine Oil Change, by Carl Davey

It doesn't cost much and is worthwhile spending a couple of hours doing every few thousand miles, especially if you have a modified C20LET. You'll need arou... [more]

Pre 1994 Drop Link Replacement, by Carl Davey

So if you have a busted anti roll bar drop link you'll probably know about it via one (or both) ends of the ARB (anti roll bar) flapping against the lower ... [more]